Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Mountain

Looking for good pictures of Red Mountain, sometimes called "Cinnamon Peak" because it is near Cinnamon Pass south of Ouray, Co. My photo below is  taken from the pass that goes to the north of it that we took for the first time this year. I think it was a turn off from Silverton past Gladstone. I think this was on the corkscrew gulch road up at the top. It would be the back side of Red Mountain if you count the front side to be on Million Dollar Highway side.  Glad to be able to share some jeeping fun with you. Maybe someday I will get my videos of the area posted when I am in better internet area.

Here is a link to  other peoples  travels in the area that I found on you tube:

This one takes you on a jeep trip during snowy time of year through many of the San Juan passes.

Below is a link to the best picture from Google that I found. I would love to see your pictures of Cinnamon Peak and Pass.

This is a quick video from our travels in 2012-09