Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just sharing glimpses of life at our log cabin home.
Incredible blue blossoms from the dry land after spring snow

A fading glimpse of the blazing sunsets from the Lazy Tree Balcony

Blue Pitcher from Hobby Lobby via Treasures gift shop. No running
 water in the cabin so these bowl and pitchers are really useful.

Lazy Tree Log Cabin with second floor wrap around "balcony".

Tack shed at the Lazy Tree Ranch. Hand built by my husband.

Inside the tack shed. This stuff was in my living room before
the tack shed was finished!

These boots were a special present for my husband. When they
got wet soon after newly purchased I tried to dry them on a old
heater vent that we had in Larkspur. They got too hot. Since the
melt down of the plastic that I thought was leather they were
only big enough for me. The spurs were
 wired on and used when needed.

If you look closely you can see where the blizzard winds force their way
through the tight chinking and melted snow drips down the wall.

Millers make it almost impossible to see through the windows.
Now that is the reality of living in a log cabin! This is in the tack shed where I have not cleaned the windows as I do several times a year in the cabin.