Saturday, August 29, 2015

Airbnb stay at the Simpich Home

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Come stay at the Simpich Shady Grove Home
to start considering a stay at our home. We book through Airbnb as they have been great to help us connect with people from around the world.
Come sit on our front porch and enjoy it as our guest near the Creek at the Jim and Rosa Wilson Historic Farmstead. 

Enjoy the beginning of our cottage garden as we work on the original 1914 homestead cottage at the Homestead. 

Meet Potater Willyford said to be the cousin of Tow-mater in the Cars movie. This award winning vehicle created by Ragan 

Po-tater is right at home in the 1914 Wilson Farmstead cottage that we are trying to restore. Corawithcamera(C) 2015-8-29

The porch at the Shady Grove is a swinging place to be. There are a few jeeps for jeep lovers as Ragan rescues them. 

Come get ideas to use on your old stump. This one is about one hundred years old. I have just been hanging everything I could find on it. The raccoons help rearrange it at night. I think they planted the corn that is growing on the backside.

This stump is also a bird feeder with English turtle doves, squirrels and raccoons as frequent visitors to watch.

Lots of parking space available at our house for you and your guest. There are six acres to roam around and camping is sometimes a possibility. 

Nehemiah is our faithful horse and Sante Fe Joe also a good horse that is hiding behind him.

If you are driving up to our house at night this is a good place to park and bring your things right in the front door. 

The bird feeder as seen from the family room with fireplace inside the house. Corawithcamera(C) 2015-8-1

Ragan Simpich, my husband, loves to be talked into taking jeep trips in the Colorado Mountains

Delighted to find Evening Star flowers blooming in the Shady Grove pasture recently. 2015 

The kitchen is filled with extra goodies thanks to my guest and my Lord. The flower arrangement was fun way to use the cake stand for awhile. From the internet I learned that if you put a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in plant water it stays fresh.

This hanging plant was made up by adding starts of Coleus to last years basket and topping with a new planter of pansies.  

Sunflowers are growing well from last years seeds. One was about twelve feet high this year. Willys Jeep Station Wagon is one of many being rescued by my husband. 

Just had to share this welcome sign that my grand daughter made for me with correct phonetic spelling in first grade.